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Only emotions!

There are places in Sicily where you can experience unique emotions: just entering a gate allows you to be suddenly surrounded by the atmosphere of days gone by. Imagine to sit down and have breakfast in the courtyard of an ancient house, to taste traditional Sicilian dishes and family recipes. You will appreciate the perfumes of the garden near the white mulberry tree, among the roses and the large wisteria hanging from the balcony handrail on the upper floor. The huge mimosa leans on the opposite side and at the back of the house lie the cherry-tree garden, the olive yard, the chestnut grove and the vineyard. From the roof terrace the eye embraces all the landscape and you will enjoy the enchanting view of the sea on one side and of Mount Etna on the other.

British soldiers liked this place at first glance and decided to “borrow” this paradise as a military base during the Second World War. After the war the house returned fortunately to the rightful owners, but in a room of the house still remain the murals, an historical evidence, depicting the symbols and the flag of the Scottish battalion that resided here. In recent times the house has been brought back to the ancient splendour. By opening the holiday farmhouse “La Rocca della Rosa” we decided to offer to our guests the possibility to experience all these emotions at the price of only € 40,00 per person per night all year round. The restaurant offers a fixed but carefully planned menu from appetizers to the main courses, the fruits of our garden and cakes. We just use the best ingredients such as extra virgin oil of our own production, the price of a meal is just € 20,00 for the guests of the house, € 25 for the clients coming from outside.

Our location is particularly convenient to the tourist: La Rocca della Rosa lies at the foot of Mount Etna, 600 meter above see level and just 7kms away from the coast, circa 25 kilometres from the nearest airport in Catania and 15 kilometres from beautiful Taormina. The house offers independent rooms (most of them are dependences) elegantly furnished with old-fashioned taste. The restaurant room opens in the courtyard, while the outside stares with the perfumed jasmine lead to a large terrace and from here you can reach the old palm yard and another smaller room where you can eat and converse. Al last a huge terrace with a stunning view over the sea and the Etna at the same time covers the entire area of the house.

La Rocca della Rosa is a perfect location for events and ceremonies.